Laser Coaching gives you access to one-to-one coaching with Susie.

Improve home, work and yourself and benefit from one-to-one coaching with Laser Coaching.

Laser Coaching fits in with your busy life

Book your quarterly sessions at a convenient time for you and build on the knowledge you have learned.

Boost your business, Boost your profits, Boost your motivation.

Susie will be your mentor, accountability buddy and cheerleader all rolled into one!

You can ask your burning questions, get unstuck, motivated, and focused to make your dreams a reality.

Allowing you to get going and keep that momentum up!



Overwhelmed and struggling to fit in the development you need?

If you are crazy busy, but frustrated because you are still exactly where you were 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months ago then laser coaching will help.

Just one call with Susie every quarter will give you the focus you need to smash your goals.

Each session is all about you!

  • Encouraging implementation by keeping you accountable.
  • Increasing your motivation and productivity
  • Helping you maintain focus in a distracted world.
  • Creating better habits.
  • Implementing so much more than you would on your own, which creates results you’ve likely never experienced before.

Building on your knowledge

Once you have built your knowledge, you can put it into action with one-to-one laser coaching with Show The Light founder Susie.

Each session is all about you! You will get motivated, and ready for the month ahead.

These 75-minute sessions will be booked in advance and are your opportunity to gain clarity and focus in your business.

Laser sessions are powerful at uncovering unseen obstacles and creating a plan you can use immediately.



One-to-one coaching

Targeted, powerful and focused. The things that get scheduled get done!

Using Susie as your mentor on these laser coaching sessions gives you a place to:

  • brainstorm ideas, solutions, problem-solving
  • bounce ideas around
  • learn new strategies and discuss how to implement them in your business
  • stay motivated and on track with your goals
  • speak to someone that will help you to troubleshoot why a goal is stuck

You’ll get one-to-one coaching sessions every quarter for just £200 per month. All you need to do is click buy to receive your access.