What I Learned This Week

lesson learned

I fell over on Friday afternoon whilst out walking my 2 new pups & dog. I went over on my ankle and dropped to the floor. I was rolling around in agony which the pups thought was a game and started licking my face! I managed to hobble home and cry!

lesson learned

So far my week had been going very well, the universe has been showing up for me. Everything was falling in my lap… Then this happens!

Whilst sitting with my leg elevated and a bag of frozen Quorn canceling my Friday afternoon calls. I asked the universe…

“Please please please, show me, what is this lesson all about???”

Why wipe me out when I have 4 dogs to walk, and so much to get done at the weekend!!

Well, let me tell you the wonderfulness that followed.

Lesson 1. Receiving

My wonderful friends showed up, helped me out, and took care of me!

When you love giving and helping people, sometimes you don’t know how to receive and accept help yourself! Are you aware that this is something you do?

This dawned on me early this year! I am asking to receive from the universe but have an almighty block in letting people help me! Mmmmm, I thought. Asking is one thing. Letting it in is another.

So this is something I have been putting my attention on and working on.

Lesson 2 . Harmony

I brought home my 2 new pups just over a week ago. I was thinking my older dogs would be a bit unhappy, but after 24 hours it will be happy home! How wrong could I have been?

My older dogs were acting like grumpy teenagers! Every time a pup came near them they would leave the room, throwing a look of disgust my way on the way out!

“Oh no, what have I done!”

This had been going on for 6 days….

Then I sprained my ankle! Laid up on the sofa…..elevated leg, under a blanket. Really feeling sorry for myself

And do you know what happened?

lesson learned

The 2 pups and the 2 dogs, all came and lay with me. For the 1st time in 6 days, the dogs tolerated the pups, for me! It’s just melted my heart!

Lesson 3. It’s ok to be vulnerable

Hurting my ankle made me stop and be vulnerable so I asked for help!

You go about your life being a powerhouse of awesomeness, there is nothing you can’t do! So, sometimes you might forget that it’s ok not to be ok, and ask for help.

Next time you feel like you need help, then ask. But most importantly Then let it in!

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