We Need To Talk About Systems

I really want to talk about systems said ‘nobody ever’. Well, maybe a few of you who love this stuff.

I’ve got to admit I can be a little bit that way. My background is in accounting and putting processes in place to make things work. BUT, my passion is people NOT systems.

However, I understand that to make something a success, you need a plan. And to put a plan in place you need systems!

The Right Systems

Ok, so you know you need systems, but which one(s)?

These days there’s a tool and system for EVERYTHING. A booking link to talk to clients, a CRM to manage your contacts, an email client to communicate with them. A scheduling tool to manage your social media content, an app to monitor your interaction and analytics. Platforms to advertise events… the list goes on.

It can be very overwhelming and easy to sign up to every new App or bit of tech that promises to make your life ‘so much easier’. In theory, using tech to automate your processes and systems is a great idea. However, if the amount of Apps you’re monitoring to stay on top of it all is stressing you out it’s not working!

Cost Effective

Then there’s the cost! Much of this tech doesn’t come cheap. There will be a free version, however, you’ll need to pay if you want to use it properly. This means you need to make sure that you’re choosing something that you really NEED and will work for you.

I audited my systems recently

The main systems I have in place are

  • ways to meet new people
  • keep in touch with my contacts and clients
  • manage my meetings and workflow

I realised that I was paying for the Calendly booking app, despite already having this facility included in my Office 365 system. I also realised that I was paying for Zoom when I could use the Teams facility that’s included too.

I decided to use the things I already had at my disposal instead of paying for additional things. So, I decided to phase Calendly and Zoom out of my systems and switch over. But, I know this isn’t my strong point so my VA made sure this was put in place across my website, social media and booklets. And I’ve saved myself money every month.

To manage my contacts I use the Pipedrive CRM system and for my newsletters I use Mailchimp, which makes keeping in touch really easy. For scheduling my social media content I use Radaar and for keeping in touch with my programme participants I use email and WhatsApp, and that’s it for apps.

Recognise Your Needs

You don’t need lots of complicated systems to make your business work. However, you do need to recognise the areas that you struggle with and make sure you bridge that gap.

Connecting with people is my biggest strength alongside problem-solving, strategising and delivering presentations and workshops.

Sales are NOT my speciality, nor are admin, marketing and social media. Nobody can be good at everything, that’s why I have built a team around me that ARE good at these things.

You can’t do this alone, but with some good systems and and a great team you can do anything!

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