Kam Chauhan

About Kam Chauhan

Kam Chauhan is a former primary school teacher turned social media trainer and digital
marketing unicorn (Yep, someone has actually called her that!)

She helps aspiring female business owners who want to ditch the social media overwhelm
and grow their business!

When she’s not empowering women to use social media, you’ll find her teaching Luca how to
edit videos (he’s just started his own YouTube channel), walking her Maltipoo, Arlo, or buried
in a book. Preferably with a flat white or a large glass of Rioja!

About Kam’s Workshop

Through her ‘Support. Learn. Develop. Grow’ system, she’ll never leave you with confusing
workbooks that will fester in your inbox for months (come on, we’ve all been there!). Instead,
you’ll get practical step-by-step lessons, where she’ll teach you how to do something and
you’ll have a go at doing it yourself.

You can find out more about Kam here https://kamchauhan.co.uk/