denise mcgarry

Money Mindset

Denise is a money mindset coach, she shows entrepreneurs how to stop undercharging and undervaluing their services and how to make way more money and have a profitable business. Her mission is to empower women to create financial freedom by charging what they are worth.

You can find out more about Denise here Money Mindset Coach

What do you do?

I’m a mindset coach and I help women around. their self-esteem, their confidence, making the money that they want and all the things that. I’m all about helping women own their worth.

Why do you do what you do?

A lot of it is down to my own past experiences of not achieving goals in my life because I felt I wasn’t good enough and wanting and envying other people’s lives and but never feeling like that was for me.

That’s down to, from choosing the wrong guy to blowing all your money and all of this kind of stuff. For me, I suppose I just want to have other women achieve their goals and realise that it doesn’t matter what you started with or what you believe or what you have right now, Everything that we want is available to us to just have to start trusting in yourself.

Who do you work with?

I work with women. I mostly work with women entrepreneurs. Who are you know, starting a business or well, kind of transitioning and maybe from corporate into business life. And they’re struggling a lot at the time. They’re just struggling with making the money that they want because they just don’t believe in themselves.

I don’t really like the expression imposter syndrome. However, it’s kind of an easy explanation that we just have all this all limiting beliefs that stop us achieving what we want. So and on women, we suffer big time with this. So that’s why it’s important.

Why did you decide to work on the Women ‘N’ Business programme?

For me, it’s all about spreading the message. I came on the course because I really just believe that women, we need to open this conversation. We need to be talking about it and helping each other.

What was your biggest takeaway from the programme?

What I found fantastic about the program was the support for the women. They all resonated with the topics that we all spoke about.

You know what? There was a great sense of community where the women were honest, they were upfront, they were very vocal about their challenges, which meant that it could be could be addressed.

But it opens the whole conversation then straight away, because the women on your course could see it’s not just me. This is happening to to us all, And then it just it’s like that ripple effect. Then we talked to ten other women about it, then 20 other women, and on and on it goes.

What is your number one tip for women in business in 2022?

The number one tip I have is to, you know, start working on your self-belief because there’s a million strategies out there. But unless you have that self-belief, there’s no strategy. Is going to work because we’re all going to get a different result from each strategy.