Letting go of the security blanket

security blanket

I did it!!!

I let go of my security blanket and didn’t use or read my notes when delivering my talk about the Power of Appreciation!

For those of you that started your business in lockdown and were delivering talks via zoom, were you like me and had your notes up at the eye line of the camera?

So it looked like you were talking straight at the audience but in fact, you had your autocue right in front of you!

Well, I did (and I’m sure you did too)! On every zoom presentation, I made!

When I spoke at Sally Inkster’s N.o.b.s. last week I didn’t use any notes for my talk! I just did it!


Well, I was inspired by the amazing ladies who shared their stories at KTS networking on international woman’s day!

They came across so natural and confident, not practised or rehearsed at all!

security blanket

Then it dawned on me, it’s because they were just telling us their life story, theirs! They don’t need notes because they have lived it!

This year I also am speaking at live face to face events, and let me tell you I was feeling the nerves! But not anymore (well the good kind only!)

Because I realised that all people usually want to know is your story! Who you are, how you have got to where you are today, why you do what you do.

Easy peasy right! Ha! Wrong!

They also want to know what do you do, who you help and what result they will get!

And that’s not always simple to answer!

As a business owner what you start out thinking you are going to do changes over time.

You go on your own personal development journey along with your business!

security blanket

You have to let go of who you were (your old self/programming/corporate life) and become the person you are now! An amazing Entrepreneur! And be Visible! Really show up as YOU!

I don’t know about you but this took a few years for me! To really dig deep and understand who I am! Show the real me! Because you are your brand!

This is why I changed my business. I went from being a DISC trainer to corporate to offering an amazing programme for women in business.

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