Waking up to DISC

I’ve got a confession to make… Before DISC I was sleepwalking through life and everything was in monochrome.

Everything was dark and mysterious

I was muddling through operating on a wing and a prayer, holding on tight and hoping for the best.

Life was OK, don’t get me wrong. Quite a lot of the time it was good. But, it wasn’t as amazing as it could be.

Discovering Myself

I discovered DISC during my personal development as part of my healing journey after losing my husband Ian. Through my grief, I felt like I was lost and DISC helped me to connect with myself and the people around me.

I liken it to the discovery of Narnia in the Chronicles of Narnia. The children were in the dark bedroom in an unfamiliar and gloomy house – then they opened up the wardrobe to a whole new technicolour world.

That’s what it’s like when you discover DISC. It’s like another universe, another layer to your life.

For the first time ever – I understood myself

I had spent my whole life feeling like a square peg in a round hole, I always thought I was the problem and tried to change my ‘faults’.

With the help of DISC I learnt to love and accept myself.

My ‘I’ personality type and the way that dealt with problems, interacted with others and the things I enjoyed (and didn’t) now made perfect sense.

No Regrets

I had a wonderful relationship with my late husband and we shared a fantastic life together. I have no regrets, except 1.

I wish I had known about DISC whilst he was alive. It would have meant that I embraced our differences more. Him as an ‘S’ and me as an ‘I’

He was a classic ‘S’. Steady, stable, and predictable, he was friendly, sympathetic and very generous. Over 400 people came to his celebration of life and this is why.

If I could have understood our differences and personality styles more it would have taken our relationship to the next level.

Knowledge is Power

The best part about knowledge is that once you know it you can’t unknow it. It helps you play to your strengths –to thrive instead of just surviving.

Life doesn’t have to be hard.

Our lives are a series of problems that need to be solved. Every time a problem comes my way I think about the things I am good at and play to my strengths. – I use DISC to make my decisions!

The ways that DISC can help you

Sales, Marketing and Social Media

Understanding yourself, what you are trying to communicate and most of all the people you are communicating with is vital when it comes to sales, marketing and social media.

If you want to get your messaging spot on and deliver an impactful punch then understanding communication is key.

Love and Relationships

love after loss

Communication and understanding are the foundations of any good relationship – whether that’s platonic or romantic.

I manifested my relationship with my second husband by understanding the things that made me happy and the type of person I would like to share my life with. He moved in after 3 weeks, we were engaged after 10 weeks and married 2 years later.

He’s a ”C’ – the calm to what he calls my chaos. That’s because I’m fast-paced which he loves as he enjoys the creativity, however, he struggles with last-minute changes.

But because I know his style and understand the things that make him happy or stressed I adapt and make sure that we are both happy.

Mental Health

Mental health and emotional well-being are THE most important thing in our lives.

It all starts with you, and if you don’t work then nothing works.

We all have a million conversations with ourselves every day and it’s important that the voice in our heads is a kind one.

I still read my disc report today when I need a reminder that I don’t need to change. I am who I am and it’s important to embrace it.


People are everywhere whether you like it or not. You have to speak to a person to get things done, to discover things and to get along in life.

To do this effectively it’s important to understand how you communicate, recognise how others communicate and act accordingly.

It sounds easy doesn’t it – and it is with DISC. I have a brilliant communication model that I use to explain just how easy it is to make sure you are communicating effectively.

I’d love to share it with you. You can request it here.

I use DISC every single day. I no longer have frustration  – people are different, not difficult and I appreciate everyone for who they are.

If you are interested to find out how DISC could help you to prioritise your happiness and help you to maintain happy relationships at home and work I’d love to help.

DISC is the best training you can invest in to help you develop your people skills.

Drop me a line to susie@showthelight.ltd.

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