Time For Reflection


January is the time for going full steam ahead – Right? Wrong!

Usually, I’m really looking forward to January. I love getting cracking with my new year plans, plus it’s my birthday. But, this year things have been a little different.

COVID Pneumonia

Over Christmas I got covid and on the second of January, I finally had to concede and call myself an ambulance as my bloody oxygen levels were too low.

I then spent a week in the hospital and another 2 weeks recuperating at my amazing sister’s house.

COVID Pneumonia is no joke!

I remember saying in December that finding your purpose is like breathing! You just can’t explain how it happens it just does!

Who knew that a few short weeks later I would be having difficulty breathing myself, something you just take for granted!

It’s been 6 weeks now and after spending January focusing on the simple basics we all take for granted I’m getting back to normal. Whatever that is!

Time to reflect

Whilst I haven’t enjoyed being laid up in bed poorly I am the kind of person to look for the positives in every situation. And the one positive I have found is that with the forced downtime I have had lots of time to think.

I have spent time reflecting on… well, everything!

My home life, my business, my relationships, and what 2021 taught me.

January blues

The first thing that came to mind is that January is TOUGH! Not just when you’re ill and unable to work, but every single year.

There is so much expectation to become a new and better version of yourself and achieve lots of amazing things. But, the reality is that it’s cold and it’s miserable. You’re tired and bloated from Christmas and the best thing to do with January is just to get through it!

Lessons learned

Whilst I’ve been pondering life and the universe I’ve had time to reflect on the things that make me happy – and the things that don’t. 

The biggest thing that I have learned is that as an entrepreneur my business is my baby and it can be just as high-maintenance. And whilst it is still REALLY important to me it must not be at the cost of my health. After my scary stay in the hospital, I’m now determined to find more balance with my time and not sweat the small stuff.

I’ve also learned not to force things. No matter how much you push and try if something is not meant to be then it won’t happen. Focus on the things that ARE working and put your energy into them.

Quality not quantity

On the subject of not forcing things, the same goes for people. It’s better to have a smaller number of quality connections that you can partner and collaborate with than hundreds of business connections that aren’t working for you.

Look out for those that are always in touch with and ‘ask’ but don’t show up for you when you need their support.

Some tips

It’s all well and good saying you’re going to do these things but the real trick is to put practical measures in place to make sure you do.

Schedule Holidays

When you’re your own boss it’s really easy to work, work, work and forget about taking a break. And I don’t just mean taking a lunch break, I mean a regular week off scheduled into your calendar. The best way to do this is to make sure you have a holiday booked once a quarter. Even if it’s just a long weekend. You don’t have to jet off abroad, you just need to switch your work brain OFF.

Book Non-meeting Time

Speaking of lunch breaks, it’s really important to take them. In the world of online meetings, it’s so easy to book them back-to-back and forget about taking a break in between.

You need to give yourself time to breathe in between meetings so make sure you block out parts of your calendar to allow yourself a break.

Don’t justify yourself

You became your own boss so you could be in charge of your own destiny. So, believe in yourself! Own your decisions, walk your own path, and don’t make excuses for yourself.

This is your journey, sometimes it will be hard and sometimes it will be bloody amazing!

Speaking of journeys, the best ones are spent with people who lift you up. If you want to find a group of fellow female entrepreneurs then my group Women N Show The Light is a great place to start. You can find out more here.

Watch out 2022! Here we come!

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