natalie Carthew

Profit from your pipeline and sell more!

Nat knows that cold calling isn’t your thing, and it’s not hers either. Instead, she helps you to build and nurture human relationships that enable your business to thrive.

Nat is the face of her business Love Sales. She is high energy, bubbly and passionate about what she does. Often described by her clients as a “powerhouse”. Once she gets to know you, she’ll be your champion and will go above and beyond to represent your business if that’s what you need.

Why do you do what you do?

Why do I do what I do? The big answer, my driving purpose is that two weeks before my father died, 21 years ago he was 56 years old and he told me that he didn’t regret anything that he had done in his life. and I think that is something that has really stayed with me and made me realise, actually, where will I be in ten, twenty years time? When I’m that age, would I be in a position to do that? And I think if I stayed in employment, I would have always had the regret of not setting up my own business. So I think that was a massive driver for me.

But why do I do what I do right now? Being a sales trainer, an online course provider, is helping the little guy. So helping the business owner who was where I was once, almost 11 years ago, when you are this bright eyed, excited, new business owner with all these dreams and as you know that’s not always the reality. It is not always shiny and bright. And I want to help as many people as I can, that’s why i do guest speaker slots and contribute to people’s incredible learning programs and share my resources so widely because I want to help as many, not even new people in business, because I think actually being in business, you are on a journey and i myself are learning and finding out new things and growing and wanting to push myself both personally and my own development, but also developing my business. So it’s not just startups either!

What do you do?

I work with heart centred business owners and I work with them in three different ways.

I work one to one with my sales strategy and mentoring. I have a group program where I help small groups, no more than eight people in a cohort. And then have my sales school, which is my passion it’s really if I could just be hanging out in sales school all day, every day, that’s where you’d find me.

And again, it’s something for everyone. so regardless of where you are in your business journey, you can come and work with me to develop your sales muscle. And it’s not just sales, it’s everything in your business that actually gets you closer to either developing a prospect into a lead, taking that lead and getting them to be a customer but also nurturing them and developing that relationship so you can actually create relationships and turn them into revenue.

It’s not a quick process. If people are looking for the quick wins, I’m not your person. I’m really there for the relationship, it’s not about the quick wins for me.

Who do you work with?

I work with men and women. I tend to have more women in my free Facebook group and in my sales school, my one to one clients are probably an equal balance, so I’m not specific in that sense, but it tends to be people who are not massively interested in systems and processes. They are perhaps quite chaotic in their approach, they don’t always want to be the doer in their business, but they appreciate and understand that they have to understand what they’re doing in their business to be able to either outsource or get somebody to help them do that. They’re engaged in what’s going on in their business 100%, but they’re not actually massive lovers of the doing.

For me, it’s around that breaking thing down, making ti jargon free, making it really simple, giving people rinse and repeat systems that they don’t have to be putting a lot of effort into. My ideal client is not a lover of tech, they want to get away from the overwhelm. and ultimately the most important thing is that they are totally aligned with being their true natural self. Whether that’s online, in person, on the phone, it doesn’t matter. They want to be able to do things their way and I believe that you can’t give somebody a cookie cutout. It has to be adaptable to their own style. Start off with a tried and tested model around sales but make it adaptable so it fits with their work lifestyle, how they think, their personality.

I don’t adopt the ‘follow the leader, do as i and you’ll be successful’ school of thought, I think it’s about making a tried and tested model adaptable to you until it’s your own.

Why did you decide to work with Susie on the Women ‘N’ Business programme?

We had already built a relationship. She had already worked with me, I had worked with her. I knew Susie’s program would have the quality content, quality guest speakers and also quality participants. It’s those ingredients that were so important. I knew I liked Susie and trusted her and that’s one of my big reasons why I jumped straight in but also knowing it was going to be another feather in my cap to be involved and a joint venture, a collaboration. I think collaborations are just as important as I’m going to say client-supplier relationship. I am in a sense a supplier to Susie, but Susie and I both see it as a collaboration, and that’s really key to me.

I think had it been more transactional I probably would have said ‘ oh thanks, but I’m good ‘. So I think that collaboration was a big draw for me and the other big plus when Susie approached me was that Susie wasn’t just there for one moment but that she will call on me when appropriate at other times in her program development, because she’s not stopping, It’s her baby. It’s going to keep growing and I want to be part of that journey. So those are a few of my drivers towards saying yes.

What was your biggest takeaway from the programme?

My biggest takeaway, it was probably the feedback and the light bulb moments i saw with the group and knowing that the people are going to take action. Everything I and the other guest speakers do (as well as Susie too) is support their sessions with a workbook as that is the only was you get results, by application and implementation. Learning is all great but it’s not until you apply it.

What is your number one tip for women in business in 2022?

Just show up. Even if you don’t feel ready, just feel the fear and do it anyway. I made some big changes this year and one of those was being present in the evening. Not just finishing work but being present and not being on my phone or LinkedIn or across social media or checking my email. And that’s showing up for my family as well, and again that really ties into your work, about you and your home. It’s getting them all singing!