Caroline Sydney-Payne

About Caroline

Admin can be a total pain in the rear end, can’t it?

Whatever spurred you on to start a business, I’m guessing you didn’t dream of organising your workload, going through an endless to-do list and posting on social media. Chances are, you just wanted to do what you enjoy and are good at – and hopefully get paid for it.

What if I told you all that could still happen?

That you could stop worrying about what needs to be done and when? That you could get you and your business organised once and forever?

Would you be interested?

I help small business owners save time and money by taking admin, marketing, social media and more off their hands completely.

I can do this for you by:

– Simplifying your marketing into one easy-to-use Trello* dashboard

– Managing your social media with regular posts

– Designing graphics customised to your brand

– Creating and sending newsletters to your subscribers

Why Trello?

It’s free, accessible on all devices, makes inter-team communication simple and straightforward – and it’s easy as pie to use.

Maybe you just need someone to get you on the way to organisational heaven.

I can create:

– Trello boards customised for you and train you to use them

– Branded graphics to use again and again

– A library of evergreen content to reuse and repurpose

You can find out more about Caroline here