Using DISC with students

Our student strengths DISC report is for young people between ages 15-25.

DISC looks at key personality traits and allows you to discover yourself and the people around you by understanding personality styles. This is so important for young people in education or starting out in life.

How Disc Helps

DISC is for everyone! It’s an opportunity to develop skills in communication and build the foundations for successful relationships.

DISC allows you to accept who you are and understand the people around you.

The ability to understand who you are and how you like to learn is invaluable.
How many times have you just not understood what you are learning?

A DISC report will help you to understand how you prefer to be communicated with. Helping you to understand how to communicate and identify any reasons that you are struggling to absorb or process information.

It will also explain the different personality styles and provide an understanding of how people communicate. Why you get along with some people and why you don’t get along with others?

What You Get

A DISC evaluation is carried out and a 34 page personalised report provided that breaks down personality styles, learning styles and thinking styles.

Because there is so much content to go through we will work with you for over 3 separate 121 sessions so that we can totally make the most of this new information. It will completely change your life and set you up for your future.

As you start your big adventure, going out into the world, DISC will help you to develop relationships, apply for jobs, or further education.

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