disc for work

Unleash the POWER of DISC in your organisation

disc for work

Unleash the POWER of your PEOPLE

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was happy and it was all going to plan?

In order for leaders and teams to work in harmony and become productive and profitable they need to understand each other.

So many organisations are missing that crucial link between their team and their business goals.

All of the systems and procedures in the world won’t work unless your teams are; understood, listened to and happy!

So, what’s the answer? It’s very simple and it is called DISC.

How Disc Helps

DISC can help your organisation in a number of different ways.

  • Helping newly appointed leaders to make the leap from team member to leader with confidence.
  • Creating harmony in existing teams by turning negativity into positivity and fractured relationships into strong connections.
  • Managing organisations in a strategic way to ensure that the right people are in the right positions. From the board of directors through to your sales team.

DISC allows us to accept who we are and understand why we react to different situations in the way that we do. This means we can then understand the people around us too.

disc for work


Step 1: DISC consultation and report for your management team

If you truly understand yourself and your unique ways, you can understand how your interactions affect those around you. We generate a report that is specific to each person and gives them a clear indication of their personality style.

You will discover how your team:

  • Is motivated and what drives them
  • Prefers to be communicated with
  • Can be happier and more fulfilled at work

Step 2: Training your management team to put the power of DISC in your organisation

Now that they understand themselves your management team can begin to understand the people around them.

This is an interactive and fun process where they will learn about why conflict and friction occur.

They will discover:

  • How to bring out the best in the people they work with
  • How to ensure that the people they support are heard and understood
  • How to mitigate Irritation, conflict and misunderstanding

Step 3: Ongoing Support

We offer personalised coaching that allows you and your team to utilise DISC and your newfound knowledge.

You will discover:

  • Clarity on your business goals and how to become more productive and profitable.
  • Guidance and support
  • How to create healthy team dynamics
  • The ability to make the most out of the people in your organisation.

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Benefit from the ongoing power of DISC within your business and enjoy a happy and harmonious work environment.

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