Serve Don’t Sell


If you’re here to sell you might as well leave now.


That’s right, in the world of services you’re here to serve NOT sell.

Now, don’t get me wrong the principles of good selling are applicable to ALL businesses, however, your delivery is important. Especially when the thing you’re selling is you, and the people that you’re selling to need to believe in you.

How Can You Serve?

When thinking about how to find clients as a service-based business you need to think about how you can serve your clients.

Even though you want to let everyone know about how amazing your services are and how well qualified you are.

So, how do you tell people about yourself? How do you show your light in the world?

Focus on THEM

  • What do they need
  • Where are they struggling
  • How could their lives be improved

How can you serve THEM?

Stop Selling

When you turn the focus of selling to your client and how you can serve them, it completely changes the focus.

My Top Tips

  • Play the long game, this is a marathon not a sprint
  • Get to know them, listen more than you talk
  • Send helpful links, tips, and articles to help them
  • If you think you can help them, tell them how
  • If you don’t think you can (this time) then refer them to someone who can

What are your thoughts on serving rather than selling?

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