Life Is Too Short

life is too short

April is a bittersweet month for me – filled with heartache and celebrations.

So. I have decided to pack the month with things I love and bucketloads of fun.

Why So Bittersweet?

April is the month that I lost my husband Ian when I was just 43 years old.

It was a life-changing event as you would expect. I felt his loss, both him as a person and the way that I had planned out the rest of my life. Everything changed in an instant. And it set off a series of events that changed not just me, but the entire path of my life.

Everything Changed

After losing Ian, when grieving changed to healing, I started to look forward to living again and hope for the future.

I decided to change my life…

I quit the corporate life, I cut my hair short and I started the best journey ever, of personal discovery and personal development.

I became an entrepreneur! And I bloody love it, I am now unemployable!

I have time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom.

“Be somebody no one thought you could be!”

I could never have ever imagined my life now when working in Corporate. It’s a million miles away from the life I was living.

Just because I am happily married and love my life now, doesn’t mean I don’t love Ian and feel the loss of the life I never got to live with him.

But I chose life, I chose happiness and I chose to move forward being brave and taking a risk on something new.

Why Wait?


Why do we wait until a significant event in our lives to make that change?

For me, it was bereavement, the loss of my husband at 43 years old. For others, it might be a divorce, redundancy, an illness, or your kids leaving home.

Where you might say, F it, it’s my time now.

But, we don’t need to wait to make ourselves a priority. If you have that little niggle in the back of your mind telling you there is something more out there – take the leap.

Helping Other Women Make The Leap

work/life balance

Now I get to help other women make the leap into self-employment by supporting them to start their own business with WIBN. I can honestly say that this is the most supportive environment to start a business.

I wish I had discovered WIBN sooner and taken the leap into franchising sooner than I did.

I get so much from this network and I know the other ladies do too, my inbox is proof!

You’ll never regret the things you did, only the things you didn’t.

Susie. x

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