Collaboration NOT Competition

I met up with the amazing Nat from Love Sales last weekend.

Nat and I have been working together for a whole year now, and as a result, I have the most fantastic CRM and sales systems in place.

collaboration not competition

Nat just gets it, and she gets me. Working with her is easy and effortless and never feels like a chore. And it was just fantastic to finally meet her in person after a full year of Zoom & phone calls.

We chatted, and shared a drink and had a genuinely lovely time.

And, it got me thinking…

Isn’t it just amazing when you work with the right people?!

I am really passionate about working with the right people in my business. Because do you know what? Teamwork really does make the dream work!

But good teams don’t just create themselves by magic, they are born when like-minded people come together with a good attitude and common goal.

And this doesn’t just apply to bigger businesses with a team of employees. You can be a solopreneur and your team is just as important. maybe even more important.

collaboration not competition

Collaborate Don’t Compete

As a business owner, you meet people all the time, people who work in similar industries, and people who work in businesses that have absolutely nothing to do with your business.

But, each interaction is the opportunity to connect with someone that might just become part of your dream team!

If you’re a coach, don’t see other coaches as competition… There’s room for everyone at the table. Instead, see them as a potential connection and maybe even a friend or someone to go to for advice.

Don’t get me wrong, this won’t happen with everyone you meet!

collaboration not competition

I never chase connections that I don’t think will be a good fit for me or my business. Not everyone is for everyone, and that’s ok.

But, when you do meet the right people you’ll recognise it immediately. So, get to know them, meet for a coffee, share experiences and ideas. Before you know it you could be helping each other to improve your businesses.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing fellow businesswomen over the last few years and many of them now work with me on my Women N Business programme.

From experts in Marketing to Time Management, I only invite experts that I know, like and trust to deliver these workshops.

When you focus on collaboration instead of competition amazing things happen.

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